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BSS Hints & Tips ...
  • If permission is required to access your mooring on the day of the examination, please notify your marina operator or mooring owner.
  • If the boat is on hardstanding, please ensure that safe access is available.
  • If applicable, availability of your existing BSSC and Appliance Record would be appreciated.
  • Please ensure that your domestic batteries are fully charged and that you have sufficient LPG and water for a minimum of 15 minutes working (allows for the needs of the examination and at least 2 cups of tea !).
  • Where LPG pipework joints are concealed behind structure or linings, please ensure that the examiner is afforded full access on the day of the examination.
  • Gas lockers need to be unlocked.

Graham Freeman BSc IEng MIET DipSmCrSurv NABSE Partner