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Electrical Services:
12v / 24v and 230v System Health Checks:
Are you convinced that your craft's electrical system is perfoming at its best ? 
Are your batteries taking longer to charge than they used to ?
Are your battery terminations in tip-top condition ?
Do you need an additional domestic battery ?
Are you happy with the condition of your craft's wiring ?
Do you need a shoreline ?
Do you experience nuisance tripping on your shore-line connection ?
Are your mains (230v) services protected by an RCD ?
Are you concerned about galvanic / electrolytic corrosion ?
Does your craft have more corrosion on one side compared to the other ?
Do you have an isolation transformer / galvanic isolator fitted ?
When was the last time your water pumps were serviced ?
If you've got any concerns about your craft's electrical system, I'd be more than happy to conduct a health check and, where necessary, make recommendations for BSS-compliant efficiency improvements.
Contact me:    info@tayman-services.co.uk  or Mob: 07974 190128
Graham Freeman BSc IEng MIET DipSmCrSurv NABSE Partner