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The condition and safe operation of the gas system and appliances fitted to your boat cannot be over-emphasised.
If you have any concerns about your craft's LPG system, need advice on installation design, ventilation requirements, BSS compliance issues or simply require a Gas Safety Check, please do not hesitate to contact me on:
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TAYMAN - SERVICES LTD is the trading name of Graham Freeman BSc IEng MIET DipSmCrSurvr
(CCLP1B Gas Safe Registered LPG Installer/Maintainer)
Certified Service Agent

If you employ a Gas Safe Registered operative to carry out work on your boat, ask to see the rear of their Gas Safe Card and ensure it contains the words LPG (Boats) because the regulations concerning LPG on boats are NOT the same as those for natural gas in domestic properties OR those governing the use of LPG in caravans or residential park homes.
In addition to confirming that your chosen operative is qualified for LPG on boats, you should also check that he/she is also qualified to work on the appliances fitted to your boat (these will also be stated on the rear of the card as Cookers, Boilers, Water Heaters etc).
Any gas appliance that has been installed incorrectly or poorly maintained has the potential to kill you or your loved ones. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, colourless, odourless and tasteless gas produced by incomplete combustion.  Even at low concentrations it can cause headaches and flu-like symptoms; at higher concentrations it can induce sufficient toxicity into the central nervous system and heart which could eventually lead to death if not treated.
Stay safe, always employ a qualified gas service engineer on the Gas Safe Register to carry out any gas-related work in your boat.